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Custom made hats available! Whether it be for work or just everyday wear, these hats can be made one of a kind.

To make your custom order today, go to the contact button attached to the top of the page. Simple embroidery work with one color is $25 plus a one time digitizing fee of $20.

Discounts begin with the order of 1 sleeve of hats, consisting of 24 hats total. 


These custom made Richardson hats are durable and great to show off a business. This particular hat was made with a the individuals branding.  These brown hats with the branding on the front left makes for good advertising with popping 3D letters to grab others attention. Richarson hats are of good durable quality.  Call or e-mail for pricing. You will need to send your logo to and we will get you a price. The 1 time digitizing fee will be kept on file  so the next order you won't have to pay for the digitizing.

Customizable Richardson 112 Hats

SKU: Rich112BRW
25 Pounds
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